Jan 26, 2010

DOWN FOR THE COUNT: Why Brett Favre should just stay down

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Do yourself a Favre...

I hate to say it: Brett Favre has reached his expiry date.
Someone had to say it. But it is the truth. He was on the ropes for a while, too. Fighting back from a flurry of small injuries, the 40 year old is still punching his way through an addiction to painkillers. Yet, after Sunday'game of 'butterball', Favre should be handed a pink slip. If you don't  know what I mean- check out the interception or read about it. Two picks and a botched handoff to Adrian Peterson, who didn't play his best either. This blunder will be the end of his career. Reputation down for the count! The CBS announcers didn't hold back either. Troy Aikman basically explained to listeners that Favre made "a huge mistake", stating that he shouldn't have thrown the ball. "Throwing across his body into the middle of the field is the first thing they teach you not to do". I wish I could put that as my ring-tone.

I know, I know- Through the season he demonstrated the power and ability a player 'over the hill' can have, yadda, yadda, yadda. Don't  get my wrong, growing up-I loved watching him play! Even this season I jumped on the Vikings band wagon. The locker room antics were hilarious too!

Here's where the PR team comes in. Favre, who has lost his touch, needs to throw in the towel. Here's an idea: Become a quarterback coach. Give up playing! Make money in other ways; diversify your bonds. Your body will thank you in the long run and those cortisone shots will stop giving you nightmares. If all else fails, be like Emmit Smith and act in Just For Men commercials.
 He was a gladiator but even Russell Crowe died in the end of the movie.
What was all this buzz worth? Not even an NFC Championship Ring. Any publicity is good publicity? Nope.
Technical Knock Out, Round: 18.

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