Feb 4, 2010

A PR SUCKER PUNCH: Mayweather-Mosley Mayhem May 1

Mayweather-Mosley Mayhem on May 1st Might be a Mega Miss-Match.

Ignore the alliteration-please! For after years of name calling, fight ducking and more name calling, Sugar Shane Mosley will fight Pretty Boy (actually he goes by 'Money' now) Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May Day. If you remember, yet hopefully you forgot, Mayweather was supposed to fight Manny Pacquiao but after the dramatic 'blood test' incident the fight was canceled and instead a lawsuit began. Both fighters were looking at making minimum $40-million a piece.
Mayweather unfortunately has settled to tangle with a 'past-the-due-date' Mosley. All brought about by the earthquake in Haiti, Mosley was sent to fight 'up and comer' Andre Berto. Mosley is lucky to fight Mayweather out of this because a loss to Berto, which I believe would have been the outcome, could not give Sugar Shane the opportunity he has now.

 My prediction is that Mayweather wins by score cards.

Rather than trying to hype the fight up to what it isn't (by holding it in Cowboys stadium à la Pacquiao), the Mayweather-Mosley fight is using the proper technique of creating a sold out crowd at the famous MGM Grand Garden Arena.
This is great PR. Strike that- AMAZING PR! Hold a fight, though it has the possibility to be a snore, in a historical arena where some of the biggest names have upset and been upset through the past century. The outcome of the fight is more interesting than the fight itself since both boxers will probably counter-punch each other until the crowd falls asleep and one of them gets bored.

A nightmare for Mosley's PR team is his former EPO use and the constant heckling he gets for his alleged steroid use. Guess we know what the 'Sugar' stands for. Such an up-hill battle will take most of his energy before the fight and watch for Mosley to be yawning during the fight like the rest of us. Of course with Mayweather's strategic use of urine and blood samples prior to the date, this fight may bear witness to two of the cleanest athletes in all of professional sports.

May 1st conveniently happens to be the same day as UFC 113- take that Dana White! (despite you're wonderful business sense)

As for 'Punch Drunk Pacquiao' versus Joshua Clottey - the boxing community's: "whoever that is" - he'll win but I guarantee there will be empty seats. Out of 100,000, there will be 60,000 empty seats. Mayweather-Pacquiao could be and should have been the biggest fight ever, in terms of profit, pride and punches- truly a boxer's public relations wet dream.
Apparently the winner is set to fight Pacquaio, says Freddie Roach.

Re-coining the term: 'Rope-a-Dope' as Mosley's nickname

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