Nov 16, 2010

Admission: Vick is quite Sick, McNabb is McBadd.

I have to admit: Michael Vick is still quick, slick and a great pick for comeback player of the year.
Even though he has just signed a brand new contract at $40-million to $80-million, Donavan McNabb had 3 turnovers last night. But, Washington front office will only owe McNabb under $4 million, if he is cut within 10 games.
After last night's game, the domination of the Redskins by the Eagles, Vick looks as good as ever. I only hope that for Vick, this isn't his last hooray before the end of the season. The 6-3 Eagles should easily make the playoffs at this point. Their toughest competition coming next week against the 6-3 Giants and again a few weeks later.
Unfortunately for them, they don't get to plow over Washington, again.

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