Dec 15, 2010

Technical Knockout: The Boxing Hall of Fame: An Ultimate Embarrassment

Got PR?
Well, International Boxing Hall of Fame, you will certainly need some after your plans to induct two terrible men; one of which is the worst possible choice I could imagine.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, read this post first and I'll just wait here.
Done? Ok, great.

 Let's first talk about Mikey T.
Once named "The Baddest Man on the Planet" along with other monikers such as "Iron Mike", "Kid Dynamite", "The Unbeatable Retard", "The I Guess He's Beatable Retard"and eventually the "Manhattan Molester", we must remember the past of Mike Tyson.
At an incredible 20 years old, Tyson knocked out the aging Trevor Berbick to become the youngest heavy weight champion of all time. He finished his career 50 wins (44 KOs) and 6 losses (5 KOs). But most impressively, Tyson simultaneously pissed off the entire boxing community, most of the USA and eventually most of the world. How?
Total Recall: Rape. Prison. Conversion. Comeback. Failed comeback. Bankruptcy. Retirement.

I guess PR was just promotions back then since both Don King and Teddy Atlas failed to protect a mentally destroyed boy by introducing him to society and not a shrink.

Tyson deserves to be in the boxing hall of fame, but when he dies. He doesn't deserve the ego boost or the press surrounding this introduction.
If you truly dislike Mike Tyson, check out this site for a good laugh. Also funny, Tyson won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year 1989 - I bet they wish they could revoke that.
Next candidate SYLVESTER STALLONE. Yes, that's right. A movie star, NOT a professional fighter, will be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. We're talking about an actor, not even his character Rocky Balboa, will be granted this honor. Stallone has never been in a professional fight in his life. But I can understand why they granted him this honor; he created such a great character. Or not. But wait, he based 'Rocky' off of a real person. But, wait, Rocky wasn't original at all. But wait, he made 5 movies. But, wait.

This is the worst thing I've heard the IBHoF doing. Call me when you finally induct your 12 fighters for 2011 and I'll give you some free advice on why your campaign turned ugly and you've lost your crediblity. Hint: Learn from Sesame Street: "One of these things just doesn't belong here": "One of these men isn't really a fight-er."

My suggestions, add Rocky's lady-friend into the International Boxing Hall of Fame and then close it down until MMA and boxing collaborate, selfish children.

While Alex Rodriguez will have asterisks next to his name, Stallone will have a quote: "I feel like a kangaroo... all this stuff in my pocket."

Expecting a call in early 2011, before boxing turns into this.


  1. You're right - Rocky never would have overcome adversity without Adrian - winning runs in the name haha