Jan 14, 2011

Canada's rate of child obesity in children is rising - CSN Stores maybe the answer

Skywalker Trampoline on sale!It's no mystery why American kids are fat. They love fatty foods, sitting on the couch playing video games and WATCHING sports; as opposed to playing them. So here's an idea to make sure our beloved Canadian children do not follow the path of our southern friends. I'm on a site right now, called swingsetsandmore.com. It offers brand name swingsets, bikes, trampolines and tons of other accessories for bargain prices. CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find anything you need whether it be swingsets, fitness equipment, or even cookware!

It's pretty dope, actually.

If your kid doesn't like sports or finds themselves not fitting in with athletics at school, you need to hook him/her up with a trampoline! Provides endless physical exercise and tons of fun! Haven't you seen gymnasts' bodies? They're unreal.

Backyard Trampolines!
If your kid is already over weight, a swingset will help them develop a fit core and build leg strength to get rid of that nonsense and become healthy and comfortable again.

SO - Here's the deal:
The first person to check out this site and comment on it below will win a $25 gift certificate to CSN Stores!

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