Oct 25, 2012

NHL Lockout 2012-13 - Yay or Nay?

Well, it's not looking good. Today is the last day for the NHLPA and the Owners to come to a speedy resolution without cutting into the traditional 82 game season. The ticker has literally run out on nhllockout2013.com.

As I wrote in June (YEAH THAT'S RIGHT! IN YOUR FACE!), there will be a temporary lockout this year. They are a product of unfortunate trends. Although in this circumstance it is mostly about money, it is still true about ratings. Money has to come from somewhere! If you haven't read an earlier post I wrote on lockouts and why they happen, read here now (otherwise you won't 'get' the
rest of my post).

Look, everything is supposed to be for the fans, that's just fact. And the fans are getting robbed; we want hockey, especially here in Canada! I have never heard so many people say: "I want hockey so badly I would...[insert ridiculous proposal]". I've read national stories about a man who pleaded for the lockout to end so that he could watch the games with his dying father. That's heartbreaking and incredibly BAD public relations for the NHL. I don't think I need to explain why.

Gary Bettman is a stubborn man, yes, but he's protecting the league as a whole. I understand that and appreciate that he wants to make everyone happy. If the owners aren't happy and accept a deal where they're not favoured, they will feel cheated. Same goes for the players.

There goes the revenue for NHL13. Or will people buy simply because they can't watch it (maybe have the computers play against each other!)? What about the Winter Classic at the biggest stadium that hockey has ever been played in?

This lockout does so much damage to the sport. Not having children grow up with the ability to watch their favourite athletes, will destroy our entire nation and sense of patriotism. Canada already struggles to find itself an identity, hockey makes us stand out. Remember all of the Gold medals, Summit Series and International Hockey Championships that Canada has won? I hope so because this lockout might mean those are the last times we win. It's our national sport, don't force kids to watch Junior A or B hockey. We need to see the finest talent prosper and young talent grow.

What frustrates me even more is that they aren't even willing to meet. Both sides are so stubborn presently that they are throwing away their future (at least for this year). If there is a season, the league will spend a lot time putting out PR fires via fighting and illegal hits and everything else that gives the game a bad rep. These issues STILL haven't been raised, amended or corrected. Good luck NHL PR dep't and see you next year.

Currently growing a lockout beard.

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