Sep 6, 2013

Braun over Brains

another school year in session, it's only appropriate that we start the year with some textbook PR. Spin the PR machine. Ryan Braun has done something that will go down in history, one way or another.

If you don't know the story (See: Bio-genesis scandal) Braun was suspended 65 games after accepting admission to PED use. He was accused of this before and rubbed the names of the sample collector and MLB commissioner in the dirt (Laurenzi Jr; Bud Selig). His admission cost him both a Nike and Muscle Milk sponsorship.

In order to make amends with Milwaukee Brewers fans, the team that has his rights until 2020, he did something that should be commended:
He called every Brewer season ticket holder - personally - to apologize.
Braun wasn't looking for pity. According to various sources, he legitimately apologized to fans and wanted to clarify that he made a mistake. Most of the callers were sympathetic but as the best player on the BrewCrew, he ruined their season half way through the year so some will remain upset for the time being.

So what, you ask? His reputation was drastically damaged and this stunt will exponentially help. He looks like a good guy now. That he cares about his fans. He's admitting and addressing his mistakes personally, through a phone call - not Twitter. He's connecting with fans on a personal level. A cheater is hard to forgive but at least he's over turning his public perception and doing it on his own terms.

Class dismissed.
Had to include this shot...what a jerk.

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