May 6, 2010

May 1st Massacre - Mayweather Murders Mosley

Over the Hill: Lucky Number 41

The most complete fighter on the planet, Pretty Boy Floyd provided everything a typical Mayweather fight should have:

Celebrities - In attendance: Mark Wahlberg, The Governator, Jamie Foxx, the Real and Fake Mohammad Ali (& Will Smith), Michael J. Fox sitting next to Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya (aka Mosley's promoter), Nick and Mariah Carey (see what I did there?), Magic Johnson, Paris Hilton, Mike Tyson, Eva Longoria [and they even helped Chris Brown revamp his career by letting him sing the national anthem].

Offensive - Although he still provided his incredible (or should I say impregnable) defense, Mayweather decided to push the fight, rather than taking to the defensive.

Money - Money Mayweather accumulated $22.5 million, not including pay-per view buys or other endorsement deals. As a reminder, his first competitive fight he earned $2,500.

Pacquiao - The only man who can compete with Mayweather, Pacquiao made the prediction that Mosley would win the fight. Now, if all goes well, a 'super-mega-monster fight' will happen between these two. Let's hope drugs, blood and urine have nothing to do with it...Last time I'll say that.

Landing punches - Talk about numbers! Check out the CompuBox numbers for Floyd: 17 of 40 power punches. Normally, his average is about 17 per 38 power punches. His opponents usually land 7 of 47; Mosley landed 8 of 40.
Excellent speed - This has always been a clear trait of Pretty Boy. Mosley couldn't handle him from the get go and Mayweather punished Mosley for being too slow.

Toughness - Almost getting knocked down in the second with a lucky right hook from Mosley, Mayweather showed his ability to handle a punch by throwing right back at Mosley. After that round, they should have just called the fight in Mayweather's favour...
Exciting - The second round provided some dramatic entertainment but from beginning to end, everyone at MGM Grand Garden Arena truly knew what was going to happen.

Mayday May Day Mayweather Mania. Alliteration that's priceless.

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