May 9, 2010

Unlucky Number 113 for Lyoto Machida ...PR for Koscheck


A classic scream from ringside announcer Mike Goldberg. Mauricio Shogun Rua knocked out Lyoto Machida within minutes of the first round at UFC 113. Making quick work of what he could not finish, Rua made sure his hand was held at the end of the fight, which was quicker and less painless to watch than UFC 104. And so he should have. With nothing to lose, Shogun came out throwing. In my opinion, Shogun was also the better of the two fighters last time in Montreal at UFC 104. Now that the main event is out of the way, let's get involved with a more interesting topic...
Public Relations...
After a slow fight again Paul Daley, and a questionable knee, Josh 'Kos' Koscheck received more than just a win. He will need a publicist soon to help him as he is now the next coach of The Ultimate Fighter. Seeing how his hair speaks for him, a great move on his behalf would be to hire some great sport's PR person to actually speak for him (not dropping any names, "me") and start promoting the hell out of this opportunity. His name has never been as big as it is now, especially since he is about to fight one of the world's most popular athletes: George 'Rush' St. Pierre. GSP is expected to be the other coach and in true TUF fashion, will end the  season with a (successful) title defense against Koscheck (AGAIN). Yes, they fought in UFC 74, which ended in a unanimous victory for GSP. - Check out the fightmetric stats here.
Koscheck needs to make sure people remember who he is before he fights GSP. It appears ratings for TUF have been struggling so look for Koscheck to be in the news for some 'goonery'. Actually, as I wrote this, I noticed that Koscheck has refused to fight in Montreal. As much as I want Kos to be successful, he doesn't have a chance again St. Pierre, he's arrogantly American and his personality sucks.

...And the winner is Dana White for giving Koscheck the opportunity to make a name.

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