Jul 3, 2012

Steve Nash to save the Raps?

WELL, maybe not.

Steve Nash is expected to sign with the Raptors later this week. Two problems: where does this get the team when he retires and is he good enough to win them a championship?

Don't get me wrong, Steve Nash is still one of the best players in the league today. But, this isn't 2005 anymore. There's no Dirk or Finley. Instead, Demar Derozan and Andrea Bargnani will have to do. His 2 MVP winning seasons had players that could start on any team.

However, Captain Canada (Nash) still brings a lot to the table.
Most notably: Publicity!
His personality is enough to reignite a fire underneath Raptors fans to actually go to a game and maybe even cheer.
His talent will be suspect in his final few years but he will be one of the most popular people in Canada (if he isn't already). Toronto has become a dead basketball city in need of revitalization, starting with improving the public eye and ending with a championship.

However, I don't think he will last more than three seasons and his last will be riddled with injuries; but I wish him the best if he chooses the Raps. If they make the playoffs any of those seasons, I will be impressed and surprised. I highly doubt they would make a deep playoff run, never mind a birth.

The last Rap's game I saw, also looked like this:


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