Jul 16, 2012

Without Lin, the Knicks commit PR suicide

Jeremy Lin may depart from the New York Knicks. This may be the biggest crisis for any NBA franchise since the lockout. One year ago, Linsanity was looking for a team to play on. After a fantastic spurt with the Knicks, he became one of the biggest names in the game today. According to the Bleacher Report, Lin's had the second highest jersey sales behind Derrick Rose, this year (that means ahead of Kobe and Lebron). 

The New York fans will never forget his role and what he brought to their team this season, regardless of how long it was for. Not only did he bring the fans some hope at a desperate time but brought the Knicks some serious revenue. Every news outlet (TIME, ESPN, you name it) in the U.S. and Canada had their take on the New York Knicks and their side of the Jeremy Lin story. It was a publicists dream - no pitching involved - and positive stories coming from left and right. He alone branded the team for the 2011-12 season as 'Linsanity in NYC'.

Now that his contract is up, the fans are demanding him back. However, his contract might be heavy but so far this off-season, the team may as well throw their year away. More on Lin and if keeping him would be a PR dream.

If they want to keep their fans happy, The Knicks should keep him on the bench until the fourth quarter (losing or winning)

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