Aug 24, 2012

Lance Armstrong: "Haters gonna hate"

Lance Armstrong is amazing with or without the titles. Armstrong, aka The Boss, aka Juan Pelota, aka Big Tex, aka The Texan, aka Mellow Johnny, has done more than you in his lifetime. Why do I say that? Here's a quick checklist:
  • Survive testicular cancer, after it metastasized to his brain and lungs - check (By the way, his cancer treatments included brain and testicular surgery and extensive chemotherapy. His prognosis was originally poor)
  • Win the Tour de France seven consecutive times AFTER beating cancer - check
  • Raised tens of millions of dollars for charity - check (Did this via the Lance Armstrong Foundation and Livestrong [the yellow bracelet you wore] which provides support for people living with cancer)
  • Named the ABC Wide World of Sports Athlete of the Year, 1999;  Sports Illustrated magazine Sportsman of the Year, 2002; Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year for the years 2002–2005.; ESPN's ESPY Award for Best Male Athlete in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006; the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Overseas Personality Award in 2003 - check
And now, after years of being harassed by anti-doping teams world-wide, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency said it will ban the cyclist for life and recommend he be stripped of his Tour de France titles. What a brutal way to let a guy retire in peace, USADA.

 In a statement addressing these allegations, Lance said 'enough is enough' - that he is sick of being bothered by doping claims and PED rumours, which began in 1999. Check out his comments here.

I think this is a great PR move by Lance to explain his reasoning for letting the USADA do whatever they want, show his position and post this on his webpage / tweet it out to people who care about him.
You take away his records, but you can't take away the millions he has raised to help cancer patients/survivors.

Sorry Lance, Haters gonna hate.

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